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Do you remember when we were younger, like back in elementary school, the joy of receiving your homework back and finding a big, colourful, shiny sticker beside your grade? God that was good.

I mean, my grades weren’t the best so I didn’t always get the biggest stickers in the class…but still. I always LOVED when I got a sticker on my homework. It was like a nice little validating badge that I was doing a good job. (And omg even better if it peeled clean off the page so I could use it again!)

I have loved stickers for a very long time and it is a love I have brought well into adulthood. That’s why I’ve created these very stylish, very pretty stickers for your (and my) sticking pleasures.  

I hope my stickers bring you as much joy as a little kid does after getting the biggest, most colourful, shiny, clean-peeling sticker on their homework.


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