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And before you even ask...

Yes, you can call me Mabz. In fact, I prefer it.


So technically my name is Marie-Andrée Brisson, but that's a mouthful. Mabz is an acronym of my initials + a zed for flair...not that I needed any. 😎

I'm a left-handed modern calligraphy, floral illustration and mural artist based in Ottawa, Canada. I'm also a mom to two growing gremlins, a very amateur backyard stargazer, a good bad dancer (not to be confused with a bad good dancer) and I think I'm like really, really funny. 

I looove a generous glass of wine + slice of cheesecake, the colour pink, looking for cool mushrooms in the woods, literally any movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio (*swoon*), when a sticker comes off all nice and clean (*double swoon*), and collecting the 3 of hearts.

Yes, only the 3 of hearts.

Thanks for poppin' by my wee chunk of the web and don't be shy to say hello/inquire about my services/invite me over for wine and cheesecake/introduce me to your cousin Leo, k?



Shipping scares the crap out of me...wish me luck!

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